Matthew 5:33-37 In Jesus's Kingdom we are offered a way of communication that has conviction, meaning and follow-through. We explore this invitation t...View Details

Gavin, Micah and debrief Sunday's sermon more with their good friend, entrepreneur, public speaker and ex-pastor, Adam Brooks.

We continue through Jesus's Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5:27-30 where once again Jesus invites us to examine our hearts and the space we give to ou...View Details

We debrief a little from Sunday's sermon and hear from our friend Uriah McCarthy about his journey and where he senses God calling him. 

Jesus does away with the excuse of just "following the law" as he points out that it isn't enough to just not kill but in fact murder begins in our he...View Details

Lance Linderman and Micah Bentley debrief on Sundays sermon which was based on Matthew 5:16-20. 

Matthew 5:16-20 - Why is it that so many people claim to be followers of Christ (Kingdom dwellers) but their lifestyle and values look more like non-d...View Details

Our prayer team leaders Christina and George Trifanoff sat down with us to discuss the subject of prayer and their experience of the community!

Micah and Gavin have a conversation with special guests Lance Linderman (Coffeeshop owner) and Frank Foley (Chef) about Sunday's passage Matthew 5:13-...View Details

 Erik Lundin speaks on Matthew 5:13-16

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